Angela Huntington

Angela Huntington

Angela Huntington is an English born artist who now lives in Toronto, Canada. Her background includes fashion, painting interior design, and marketing. Behind her designs whether fashion or painting, lies a wide ranging experience with a variety of cultural tastes and trend. This experience comes from having travelled extensively over the past twenty years. Her art reflects a diverse set of cultures, backgrounds and ideas. She is largely self-taught from a childhood love of drawing, fashion and painting. Her background includes courses at Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design and Chelsea Art College in London. She possesses a unique ability to bring together ideas from both her art and her fashion which then allows her to use creative ideas from either world. Colours and shapes from her art are easily transformed for use in creating new fabric ideas or fashion designs. This creativity and a keen focus on attention to detail allow her to consistently generate new and interesting ideas and designs. Working mostly in acrylic on canvas, her art works are large and often reflective of monolithic or architectural themes.

"Member's Show", The Heliconian Club, Toronto CA

September 2015. Painting and mixed medium group show. Vernissage Sept. 12, 1-4pm

"Viewpoint of Three", The Heliconian Club, Toronto CA

March 5-28, 2015. Painting and mixed medium group show.